Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to Handle a Senior Living in a Senior Home

Senior homes are a reality that people have to face in their lives - whether it is shifting your loved ones to one or living in one yourself in the end. Staying in a senior home can be many things. It can be a welcome change to the senior as well as the family, because the main reason that such homes exist is that some people simply do not have the wherewithal to handle a senior.
Yet others might genuinely not have time to take care of their elderly, while yet others would need to decide between having a job to taking care of their senior loved ones. However, just because you have shifted an elder member of your family to such a house does not mean that you have completed all your responsibilities towards them. Here are some steps that you should ensure to take, even after shifting the elderly in your family to a senior home.
A good senior home will take in someone only after the completion of all the medical tests and documentation that they would need. These medical tests may spring up some surprises to the doctors as well as the relatives of the elderly. You should pay attention to these tests, and in case any serious medical issue arises, you need to ensure that the person gets the correct medical treatment for it. Most senior homes have their own doctors and medical facility, but you should ensure that they get the medical attention that they require.
The most serious mistake that families commit after shifting an elderly to the senior home is not visiting them on a consistent basis. Remember that once a person crosses the age of sixty, it is their second childhood, and they may become uneasy and even disillusioned if their families do not visit them. You should also visit them to ensure that the old age home provides them all the facilities and the amenities that they promised at the time of the shifting. There have been many cases where the senior homes promise the moon just to get the person into the house, and do not live up to their promises at the end of it all.
Thirdly, you should be very careful about taking children to visit the seniors, even if they are relatives. A child's visit may become quite a bad memory for the child, and may lead to some embarrassing and awkward moments. This does not mean that you should not let them meet their elderly relatives, but you should do it in a considerate manner. Even so, children are generally not comfortable in places like senior homes, where the presence of doctors and other medical personnel is the most entrenched.
These are some aspects to remember if an elderly member is in a senior home. There are several senior homes in all areas, and you should research them well before signing up with one. Ensure that the place is comfortable enough, has all the amenities and features, and has a good medical service.

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