Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is Your Doctor Finished in 3 Minutes?

Health care, my behind! It's more like sickness care at most! That is a more appropriate word for it. In the good old USA the debate is heating up daily. I drove by the city county building today and there were a hand full of people out there with raised signs complaining of Obama's health care bill.
There is a ton of political, corporate, special interest groups involved, and chances are they are not the least bit interested in your health. If they were, we wouldn't allow harmful foods such as, high fructose corn syrup, diet sweeteners antibiotics and hormones in our meats. Colas, bacon & hot dogs filled with nitrates... water that you can't drink; air pollution, polluted rivers, lakes and oceans, mercury in our fish are being pushed into the air. I could go on and on, but that's enough!
When you just treat the symptom you don't cure the problem, it's a bandage at most. Let's say your house is filled with garbage - you will attract flies, rats and other insects. You can poison and trap the pests to get them out of your space for a moment, but they will come back if you don't eliminate the garbage.
That's the root cause of the pests. The same with our health if you have cancer, tumors, heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, bad breath, or a host of other illnesses, and you treat the symptom alone and not the cause you will never, ever cure it. You may be able to hide it for a while, but it will raise its ugly head again and may even cause permanent damage; if we really want to get people well we should eliminate the problem. That's the real health care cure.
If you eat fast food and don't exercise, you will eventually have to pay with poor health sickness. You can keep yourself in tip-top shape with just a few changes.
Drink clean water every day 3 quarts up to a gallon 
Stay out of fast food restaurants 
Exercise your organs and tendons daily 
Stay under 15% body fat 
Wash your hands several times a day 
Eliminate complex carbohydrates 
Do Qi Gong breathing exercises daily

It would be wise to learn internal exercises like Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga. Qi Gong is a Chinese exercise that can lower your stress level, give you more energy and heal your internal organs. People want to stay young, stay or get healthy and increase their Energy. Practices like these can be life changing and adds years to your life.
"Why isn't he a doctor that finishes in 3 minutes?"
If you're wondering why, most doctors only see you for a few minutes it's because of the insurance policies. The insurance companies only allow them a limited amount of time to see each patient that's why it's necessary to train everyday, watch your diet and take some time for relaxation and meditation. In this day and age you have to take the bull by the horns and take responsibility for your own health mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you get in trouble see a health professional and get all the proper tests so you know exactly what's going on, and then change your lifestyle for the better.

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